For youthfully vibrant dentures with added translucency

Lifelike, premium anterior teeth made of MRP composite with added translucency.

  • lively play of light
    thanks to extraordinary translucency from the high proportion of enamel
  • easy reconstruction of youthful esthetics
    thanks to three-dimensional lifelike tooth moulds
  • excellent durability
    thanks to high load capacity and abrasion stability
  • efficient grinding and polishing
    due to optimum material homogeneity and edge stability


  • tooth geometry with youthful volume for lifelike prosthetics
  • distinctively natural incisal characteristics for high vitality
  • Wide palatal bars for ideal interdental spacing/papilla creation

Special features

  • high proportion of enamel/translucent edges for the best light transmission
  • nuance-rich surface texture for lifelike play of light
  • integrated mamelon structure and whitish incisal region for natural shade effect
  • 3D layered structure for natural shade gradient

Best prosthetic solution for:

  • full and partial dentures with youthful esthetics
  • implant-retained dentures

For all established concepts of lingual and balanced occlusion: e.g. according to Gysi, according to Prof. A. Gerber, according to APF/TIF, according to ABC

  • 28 x VITA SYSTEM 3D-MASTER® shades 0M1, 0M3, 1M1–5M3
  • 15 x VITA classical A1–D4® shades A1–D4 (without B1)

  • 18 x upper anterior tooth moulds (divided into four mould groups)
  • 6 x lower anterior tooth moulds

VITAPAN PLUS® Anterior kits

VITAPAN PLUS tooth storage

  • X-small*: 67 Sets / 402 Anteriors
  • Small*: 134 Sets / 804 Anteriors
  • Medium*: 268 Sets / 1608 Anteriors
  • Large*: 400 Sets / 2400 Anteriors

Available in VITA classical A1–D4® and VITA SYSTEM 3D-MASTER® shades.**

*) Note: You will receive the most frequently used moulds and shades along with the packaged tooth storage. We are also happy to put together storage systems according to your individual specifications.
**) see available shades

VITAPAN PLUS mould chart
Metal case with all moulds for selecting teeth:

  • VITAPAN PLUS Anterior

No. 10251/2 VITA PROSTHETIC SOLUTIONS (ROW) (Version 005)

Mould maps

No. 10252/1 VITA PROSTHETIC SOLUTIONS (Europa) (Version 005)

Scientific documentation

No. 10254 VITA Prosthetic Teeth (Version 002)

Technical and scientific documentation

Order blocks

No. 1778MA VITAPAN PLUS Anteriores VITA SYSTEM 3D-MASTER® (Version 001)

No. 1949MA VITAPAN PLUS Anteriores VITA classical A1-D4® (Version 003)


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