Workshop participants

Introduction Jen-Chih Tsai – winner of the Larsen-Chu Award

“My name is Jen-Chih Tsai and I am from Taiwan. Aside from being a wax-up training session instructor on weekends, my job as a clinical dental technician involves adjusting and repairing problems of dental prostheses according to dentist's order in a dental clinic. It always makes me feel happy and satisfied to see patients finally nod their heads with wider smiles.

 I chose being a dental technician because I am very interested in ’do-it-myself’ things. Being a dental technician is a great combination of handmade work with beauty senses, even more, with patience, imagination and creativity. It is also a job that makes the world have less boundaries because beautiful work and useful dental prostheses require no language. People feel it themselves. That is why, after having an internship in a hospital, I decided to pursue this career without hesitation. For me, the most fascinating part of being a dental technician is that every prosthesis is a unique artistic piece. Even if it is not perfect, it is a singular piece of beauty or defect in the world.

The reason I decided to apply for the SCAD competition is that I wanted to challenge myself and the traditional thoughts about wax material. I dared to see how great I could perform with wax as a wax-up training instructor. And also, I wanted to show people how color wax could be used. Together with the encouragement from my color wax project partner, I used color wax to perform in the competition and won the Larsen-Chu Award.”



Introduction Hiroaki Tada – winner of the Virtuoso Award

“My name is Hiroaki Tada and I’m living in California, USA. After ten years of working in Japan and another ten in the USA, I am working as vice president at Ultimate Styles Dental Laboratory. What I really love about my job is definitely working with ceramics. Mr. Aki Yoshida, President-Elect of SCAD, and my boss, Mr. Naoki Hayashi, invited me to apply for the SCAD CDT competition. I got so nervous! When I heard my name and that I was chosen for the Virtuoso award, I was very delighted and could not believe what had happened. I was absolutely speechless because I felt so deeply honored to receive such an acknowledgement.

I am now looking forward to participating in the live patient workshop with Luc Rutten at VITA Zahnfabrik in Germany and I really appreciate that VITA will let me have such a precious experience this time.”