The crucial test! Who will have the best solution for this tricky case?

It’s time: On April 26th, the latest winners of the SCAD CDT Competition will compete with Luc Rutten MDT, the internationally renowned ceramic expert from Belgium, at VITA Zahnfabrik in Bad Säckingen, Germany. The clinical case is pretty demanding; it is about a single crown in the esthetic zone.

The female patient fell onto her permanent anterior tooth 21 when she was six years old. The result was a high degree of tooth mobility and a dislocated palatal restabilization in the jawbone, after some time of eating soft food only. However, the trauma led to a necrosis of the pulpal soft tissue and a dark discoloration of the crown. The tooth underwent root canal treatment.

Ten years ago, an apicoectomy was performed. The discoloration and displacement of the tooth remained! Today, the patient desires a highly esthetic restoration that will integrate harmoniously with the dental arch with regard to her tooth position. By no means shall there be any negative influence on her ability to play clarinet. We can’t wait to see how Luc Rutten MDT and the SCAD CDT winners will solve this challenging case.