The SCAD CDT Competition: an exclusive live workshop with a patient and renowned top speakers

Guidances, presentations and a challenging hands-on course at the VITA Zahnfabrik

The Winner of the SCAD CDT Competition 2017

It’s time: On June 20th 2018, the winner of the SCAD CDT Competition 2017 will come to VITA Zahnfabrik in Bad Säckingen, Germany. Besides an exclusive live workshop with a patient and renowned Master Dental Technician Patrick Rutten from Belgium, he will enjoy exciting presentations about tooth shade determination and ceramic reproduction as well as a glimpse behind the scenes of VITA’s material production. The Virtuoso Award is awarded by the Society for Color and Appearance in Dentistry (SCAD) and serves to reward and support the outstanding work of dental technicians.

Yuichi Komaki. Winner Virtuoso Award 2017

Yuichi Komaki – Winner of the Virtuoso Award

My name is Yuichi Komaki and I currently live in California, USA. I graduated from Dental Technical College in Japan in 1998. After my graduation, I worked as a dental technician in the dental office for 12 years and then I went to the USA. I joined the Ultimate Styles dental laboratory in California in 2010 and here I am.
Mr. Aki Yoshida, the President Elect of SCAD, encouraged me to participate in this CDT competition. The purpose of my participation was to improve my technical skills when it comes to working with ceramics.

This challenge gave me a good stimulation and experience and I was awarded for the best result!

Winning at the Virtuoso Award is a big thing in my life. I would like to express my gratitude for Mr. Aki Yoshida and my mentor Mr. Naoki Hayashi. I would like to thank VITA for giving me such a wonderful opportunity!

Virtuoso Award

The Virtuoso Award is awarded every year for excellence in dental technology. Applicants get pictures of a natural tooth they have to copy. They are free to choose the material and technique. Based on overall esthetics, color reproduction, appearance and detail reproduction, the Award Committee chooses a winner who receives $ 1,000 as well as an exclusive three-day hands-on workshop at the VITA Zahnfabrik headquarters in Bad Säckingen.

Patrick Rutten

Referent Patrick Rutten

  • 1979 degree in dental technology, received his Master’s certificate.
  • Own laboratory in Tessenderlo, Belgium, with his brother, specializing in ceramics and aesthetic implantology.
  • Affiliate of the European Academy of Esthetic Dentistry (EAED).
  • Teaches courses and lectures in Europe, Australia, India, Columbia, Mexico, New Zealand, Saudi Arabia, Japan, Israel, South Africa and the USA.
  • Author and co-author of numerous professional publications on dental technology.
Die Patientin
Zahnfarbnahme mit dem VITA Easyshade

The clinical case

The case is about two crowns in the esthetic zone and therefore quite challenging. The patient had an accident at the age of twelve which resulted in the fracture of the crowns of her anterior teeth 11 and 12. The teeth were still vital after the trauma. They were gently prepared for a long-term temporary and stabilized with composite crowns until the patient was full-grown. The teeth were finally treated with metal-ceramic crowns which are now, after seventeen years, to be replaced for esthetic reasons. The patient was generally wishing for brighter teeth and full-ceramic, high-esthetic crowns that fit their adjacent teeth. She had her teeth bleached beforehand in order to allow for brighter restorations. We’re curious to see how MDT Patrick Rutten and the SCAD CDT winner Yuichi Komaki solve this demanding case…

Ömer Gençtürk, Turkey, Hubert Karbowiak, Poland, Yuichi Komaki, USA, Michael Tholey, VITA, Anne Stephan, VITA

VITA is reporting live from the hands-on workshop in Bad Säckingen, Germany